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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I feel burning when I use the ear drops?

Some people may feel a burning sensation when using the drops for the first time on a highly inflamed ear canal. Any burning sensation should disappear quickly and be reduced with each subsequent use. If you experience significant or prolonged burning when using the drops discontinue use and rinse the area with water. This may be an indication of a more serious condition and you should consult your physician. Conditions that may cause severe burning when using ear drops can include a perforated eardrum or significant skin irritation from a severe or prolonged ear infection. Do not use if you suspect you have a perforated eardrum. 

Why haven’t my ears improved?

If you do not feel improvement you may be experiencing another condition such as a perforated ear drum or middle ear infection and should consult your physician. 


You may have significant wax or other debris that are preventing the ear drops from reaching the affected area. Regular ear cleaning is recommended to avoid this issue. Please consult your physician if you continue to experience symptoms.

Can I use BigWave Drops if I have a middle ear infection?

Ear drops will not go passed your eardrum and will not treat a middle ear infection. BigWave Drops contain ingredients that have been shown to be effective in improving conditions in the ear canal (outer ear) but will not be effective in treating middle ear infections. Please consult your physician if you feel you may have a middle ear infection. Treatment for middle ear infections may include prescription antibiotics from your doctor in severe cases.

Do I use BWD before and after Surfing? Can I use them if I don't go in the water?

You can use BigWave Drops before and/or after entering the water. Use them often! To utilize the anti-inflammatory effects of turmeric, frequent use is encouraged.

Will BigWave Ear Drops always get the water trapped out of my ears?

Sometimes there can be too much wax or debris in the ear canal for the ear drops to reach the water and dry the ear canal. Regular ear cleaning is recommended to avoid this issue. We suggest seeing your doctor if water remains trapped in your ear for longer than 24 hours.

Where should I store my eardrops?

Turmeric is light and heat-sensitive. That means if you leave your bottle in direct or indirect sunlight the color will change. The formula remains active and safe. We do recommend you store it in the shade away from heat and light.

Do BigWave Ear Drops replace earplugs and/or wearing a hooded wetsuit?

BigWave Drops are not intended to replace earplugs or hooded wetsuits, however, they do complement each other nicely, especially in cold water.

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- Joseph Hardeman
Doctor of Audiology, Founder of BigWave Drops

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