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BigWave Drops: Straight from the SF Surf Scene

Hey, water athletes! Here's the deal:

In San Francisco, between killer waves and epic rides, Dr. Joseph Hardeman, a fellow big wave rider and audiologist, spotted a problem. His surf crew was constantly battling ear issues. Not cool.

While grinding at UC San Francisco Medical Center, Dr. Joe turned his frustration into action. Teaming up with some UCSF brainiacs, he began tinkering with formulas, trying to craft the perfect solution. Tested in epic wipeouts, gusty winds, and icy waters, BigWave Drops are as hardcore as the conditions they were born in. 

The SF surf community was psyched. Dr. Joe's ear drops became so sought after that he literally had surfers chasing him down SF streets for a restock.

Seeing the stoke and the need, it was time to bring BigWave Drops to the masses. Now crafted in a certified production facility in Ventura California, Dr. Joe's vision has gone global, helping water athletes everywhere.

Ride the waves, and let us take care of your ears.

With love,
The BigWave Drops Team.

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